Introducing "Swiperboy's World Podcast"

 Swiperboy has officially entered the podcasting world, releasing the first two episodes of his new show "Swiperboy's World Podcast". Aiming to have open format discussions for fans, as well as future guests, Swiperboy sets his sights on showing more of his personality through this new platform. New episodes will appear weekly on his new YouTube channel in the playlist titled "Swiperboy's World"

Episode 1 - 2021

ON THIS EPISODE: Host Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge talks relationship with Kobe Bryant, getting hacked on Twitter, future technology, manifestation, 2020 and more.


Episode 2 - WEIGHT GAIN / LOSS

 ON THIS EPISODE: Host Renaldo "Swiperboy" Woolridge talks about losing 70+ pounds of quarantine weight, new music video series, keeping up with your New Years resolutions and more.


Follow the official brand new instagram page for Swiperboy's World Podcast by clicking here: @SwiperboysWorldPodcast


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