Swiperboy releases new music, teases podcast

Swiperboy releases new songs "Photo for Memories" and "Live It Tardy" + teases new podcast

Although the world has been at somewhat of a physical halt due to the global pandemic, Swiperboy has still been making strides digitally this year. With streaming numbers rising across platforms, Swiperboy has now released seven songs in 2020. His latests, Live it Tardy and Photo For Memories, are two completely different styles and sounds. 

Live It Tardy

Live It Tardy is an energetic, new-age hip hop track centered around a confident, melodic, flow-changing progression. The song in itself is promoting persistence, attitude and relentlessness towards success. Produced by SBYZ producer Richwill Beatz, and complimented by the vocals, lyrics and versatility of Swiperboy, Live It Tardy has all of the ingredients to make for a hit record.  

Notable Lyrics: "I'm unchained, broke out of them cages/ If you want smoke b*tch, how can we arrange it/ Never met a breed like me I'm dangerous/ I'm untamed and I'm ready for the rages"

Best Word-Play: "I'm the GOAT you thought was jokes like I just came from Degrassi"

Watch the lyric video for "Live It Tardy" on YouTube: 


Live It Tardy is also available on all DSP's.

Photo For Memories
Photo For Memories is a mellow, poetic, love-letter style hip hop and RnB track themed towards relationships. The song depicts a scenario in which Swiperboy narrates his optimism for a relationship as he ascends in his career. This track, that blends rapping and singing, is also produced by SBYZ's own Richwill Beatz.

Notable Lyrics: "They say that I got it bad/ Lately I boast and I brag/ Put you on a pedestal cuz this somethin' I never had/ I'm feeling happy and sad/ One day I laugh then I'm mad/ I can't decipher so I just write with my pen and my pad/
Best Word-Play: "Pick a scene and we can go/ Show you off in the real world, on the gram baby unknown/ I don't wanna mix those worlds, it's a cold world and you know/ I'll protect you at all costs so work life won't sabotage what we're working on and that's real life/ Don't kill it all"
Watch the lyric video for "Photo For Memories" on YouTube:

Photo For Memories is also available on all DSPs.

Swiperboy's World Podcast
Could there be a "Swiperboy's World Podcast" on the way?
From a rich and eclectic sports background, a deep interest in technology, space, sci-fi, business, entrepreneurship - along with an obvious passion for music, Swiperboy has a vast array of topics to discuss. In addition, with an extensive network filled with other creators, musicians, athletes, actors and entrepreneurs - Swiperboy may have enormous potential for an intriguing podcast. We'll keep you updated as to if this speculation will come to fruition. Stay tuned.

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