New Music: Swiperboy - Cali Girl

Swiperboy releases new radio single "Cali Girl" produced by Mauritius Island producer RichWill
Swiperboy releases new single "Cali Girl" to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, iHeartRadio and more. This mainstream radio tune has a west coast hip-hop styled beat, making the listener want to get up and dance. RichWill, a producer from the Mauritius Islands, felt Swiperboy would fit perfectly on the song. The two have, what seems to be, an international hit record in the making.

In the song, Swiperboy sings about his home state of California, and the out of town women that fall in love with the region. Swiperboy describes a night out in the city with out-of-towners, as this is slowly becoming an anthem for both women from California, and those who want to move here. This song is now available commercially!

Stream and purchase the song below on the follow music apps by clicking the following links:

iTunes Link: Cali Girl - Swiperboy
Apple Music Link: Cali Girl - Swiperboy
Spotify Link: Cali Girl - Swiperboy
iHeartRadio Link: Cali Girl - Swiperboy

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